Tuesday, August 31, 2010


  Well this is officially my first blogging experience so stick with me.

 Last night I went back up to the Olympus Cove area with Chad (coworker) and helped him grout part of the floor we put in last week. I'm pretty thankful for him showing me the skills and easier ways of doing tile work. It's a fun process and I'm enjoying it a lot so hopefully I will be able to go out on more side jobs with him. Plus the extra cash is always a huge help.
 Today marks another start to one of my mid-week "weekends."  I've grown used to them but it would be nice to eventually go back to a normal weekend. I went into work this morning for a clinic on some stuff for work. It went well and we were shown a great product so hopefully we sell it well.
 Afterward I went to a Graywhale store and picked up the new 10 Years album..and damn is it good. I haven't finished listening to the whole album yet, but there is one track and a set of lyrics that stick out to me right now. The song is titled Fix Me and the lyrics go like this, "I'm fine in the fire. I feed on the friction. I'm right where I should be. Don't try and fix me." This sticks out to me because I'm in one of those "friction" phases right now where things don't seem to be going that well. The plus side to that is it will make me a stronger person through time and maybe that is all that is needed...time. Always trying to keep as much of a positive outlook as I can though.
 I find myself wanting to get another tattoo more and more with each day. I'm not sure why because it hurt like hell, but I guess when you like something then it's worth it. I'm thinking a 1/4 sleeve if I get really ambitious with it but who knows. I have a lot of things in my life to feed into it but not many that will mesh together. I called my mom the other day and fished out her favorite flower (pink Rose) so I am thinking of incorporating that. Oh! I know, I will do a Koi fish like everyone else has...no thanks. Although if done right, they do look good but I don't think it will fit in with me.  A friend by the name of Alexis is drawing some stuff up for me and I am pleased with his other artwork so I am anxious but patient on what he has to offer. Might just go right on my arm one day.
 Excited doesn't even begin to describe what I feel for the upcoming Fall season. It is by far my favorite of the 4. It might be the fact that I love wearing jackets, the way the air feels cool and wispy, or the simple smells it brings..I'm not really enjoying the smell that the Jordan River is giving me every night, that is for sure. 
  A friend by the name of Chelsey has been staying with me lately due to her job. Not back to back nights but a night here and there. It's a great feeling to have her back in my life. We had some issues in the past but we pushed through them and have become pretty good friends again. I am pretty jealous of her job being that she is a flight attendant for SkyWest. That would be a pretty awesome job in my opinion. I don't think I would ever be home. San Diego would see a lot of me that is for sure. I wouldn't mind going back to Santa Cruz though either. 
I think that might be enough for today. I'll try to post at least every other day but who knows. 

Thanks for reading.



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